Sales And Marketing

Sales And Marketing

At Xylus, we believe in Bringing the power of Digital Marketing Campaign to SME’s and associates. For us to achieve our goal, we ensure high quality leads at an efficient pricing to foster long term relationship with our clients. Our Lead Generation Consultants understand the business processes closely and then channel the online marketing medium to effectively garner the intended results.

Lead Generation

Xylus guarantees you the leads you need to grow your business. To ensure the success of each campaign, our platform uses a unique combination of algorithmic attribution models. You’ll also be able to monitor your leads progress in real time basis.

Account Profiling

With our account profiling services can reveal your best sales opportunities, as well as secrets that provide a competitive advantage when marketing to your target accounts. We put a team of expert account profilers on the phone to make as many calls as required to your clients and prospects. If necessary, they also research secondary information to discover the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Appointment Setting

We ask our clients to define the success of their program in terms of ROI. We want you to succeed and to continue working with you — in delivering the highest-level, best-quality leads or appointments for conversion into revenue, with identifying & targeting prospect that maximize market strategy.

Campaign Management

Xylus displays your campaign ads in highly targeted forms to different demographic or behavioral actions. Although each project varies, certain activities are fundamental to every online / offline campaign. Tackling these tasks — prospecting, gathering information, and sending literature — is at the core of your efforts.

Contact Syndication

Xylus offer a great way to deliver high-value content to the correct prospects is through content syndication – a content sharing strategy that can be used to promote your whitepapers, articles, news releases, etc. on other websites for greater reach and engagement. Through content syndication, your content appears on third-party sites and newsletters.

Demand Generation

Xylus energize brands through non-traditional advertising, web, social media and email marketing and renew them with the unique interactive target based communication. Xylus Digital marketing services is an main stand for marketing of products or services using latest technologies.